Do you want to see your child become more resilient, joyful, and grounded?

Do you just want to understand him better?

Or maybe you’re looking for some new tools to work through sticky situations?


abby & butterflyJennifer Goodman practices Whole Child Counseling, trusting that children have the natural momentum to grow into their unique blueprint of themselves, with support and orientation from the adults in their lives.   Whole Child Counseling is a developmental approach that addresses social, emotional, and behavioral issues.  It emphasizes balancing family life and other environmental factors, while integrating healing practices.  It is a process of discovering what a child needs to unfold his or her gifts, moving through obstacles and strengthening weaknesses, so that she can be herself fully, with a clear mind, consideration for those around her, and a strong sense of purpose.

Jennifer’s approach is based on anthroposophy, from Rudolph Steiner’s work, as well as years of philosophical and spiritual studies, soul-searching, parenting, and an avid interest in natural healing.

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